New York

Imperceptibly evenings creep up alleys
Fickle City once more turns strange

Neon fingers caress oblivious you
Maybe now its time to change.

I’m stranger every time I step inside
Skyscrapers don’t shroud me anymore

Seldom lose myself in suffused crowds
And I think of San Francisco.

Their words have always been distant Babel
Crimson glint still it isn’t five

Formality does provide semblance of will
Provided she even knows you’re alive.

Your nation-builders I’ve mentally shirked
With faithful conformity paid grudging dues

This sticky web can only hold me back
Till I’ve run out of meaningful excuse.

Now that I think I’ve consumed enough
If dazed castaway the morning finds

Dazzling cemetery-synthesised perfect warriors
Don’t hate me if I’m left behind.