Universe Verse

Ptolemy, the epitome of reason
Thus explained the changes in season:
“The sun goes around us,
Everything surrounds us”
Said he with confirmed decision

But Copernicus when he gazed at the skies
At once saw through Ptolemy’s lies
“Let’s put an end to the riddle
It’s the sun that’s in the middle”
But he was smothered with protesting cries

Galileo, with mathematical insight
Discovered Copernicus was right
But the church said “Its blasphemy!
To refute the laws of Ptolemy”
And Galileo went down with a fight

Newton, with unparalleled grace
Said, after thinking of space
“The force of gravitation
With its inverse square relation
Is what holds planets in their place”

Einstein gave it the thought it deserved
“There’s much more to it”, he observed
So with non-Euclidean geometry
And the laws of symmetry
He found space-time was curved

Said the astronomer Edwin Hubble
“But there’s a little trouble
Albert says its standin’
But I’m sure it’s expandin’
It’s blowin’ out, like a bubble”

The scientists said “It’s a fact
With enough proof it’s backed
The universe began
With the Big Bang
And with the Big Crunch it’ll contract”

Said Einstein “It gives me pain
To think the future’s uncertain
It isn’t very nice
To say God plays dice”
But his protests were in vain

Stephen Hawking never has a doubt
On anything he talks about
“The shape of the universe
If you’ll excuse me, sirs
Is that of a sphere turned inside out”

And so it continues,
Everyday there is more news,
Of pulsars and quasars
And relativistic measures
In obscure scientific reviews

Said God “Its a disgrace
Two thousand years they’ve thought of space
Still no one knows
How I created cosmos
When all it took me was six days!”